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Improve your workplace - community

Improve your workplace - community with bespoke projects. Creating and engaging in meaningful ways to improve wellbeing and overall health for everyone involved.

By following the simple principle,

You care for me, and I will care for you.

Meaning the projects, I develop are focused on individual development and overall change to engage and grow everyone together. When employees and communities feel they have a voice, supported, respected and have responsibility as a collective they become more engaged, innovative and more dedicated to and overall cause.

To create a place, take work and dedication at all levels and can not be developed fully without understanding the needs of everyone.  

Create a listening and empathetic environment

Work with me to develop project within you community. This can help you develop more effective processes, wellbeing plans, happier and healthier environments allowing everyone to grow and develop.

Looking at aspects of

Physical Health

Mental health




Change and empowerment

Crisis intervention

Unforeseen events happen all the time, but some leave us in more emotional destress than others.

I can support your business with short term interventions face to face or online for those that have been most affected.

Trauma and destress can have a ripple effect, other are like a bomb blast. Manage the engagement with everyone is key to reduce further harm and make your workplace-community safer and heathery.

For 8 hours of intervention: £600. pluse any traval and accomodation costs

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