Counselling for men

Focused on helping you develop emotinal understaning

Having worked with men for many years and worked in environments that are mostly male dominated. I understand how difficult it can be to talk about how you feel and overcome internal pain with fear of the following.

I dont know how to show my feelings

I must be strong and not be weak

I should be better for my family

I am always angry and lose control

I am always scared of myself and others

What is it to be a man?

This is a question I have asked myself thousands of times and it always comes down to being myself.

Not looking at others to benchmark myself, becoming aware of thoughts such as:

  • Do I have big arms or a ripped body
  • Have good or bad looks
  • Lots or little confidence
  • Lots of interest from others
  • A good or bad job
  • Intelligence
  • How others look at me
  • Do I have or had enough sexual partners

Depending how these thoughts make you feel, you could be using sex, porn, fighting, exercise, drugs, and alcohol to comfort yourself form emotional pain you have deep inside. But they never hit the spot you always feel the pain.

I can work with you to move thought the pain, to find the freedom you are always looking for.

Ask yourself,

should I tell someone?

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